The dahl that was made

** Easy style IC diet friendly recipe below

It all started in the early afternoon. I was getting through a full day and finally home to study away on my laptop. I was putting my all into it, you see when I have a vision I do my all to create it, that’s who I am.  And if you have endo or know someone who does -you will know that there is only so much one can do in a day before fatigue, or extreme pain or the multitudes of crappy symptoms come kicking down your positivity door and don’t stop there ….   

Well I’m just getting accustomed to the IC diet. And honestly when I’m super strict I feel a bit bloody better. But it takes more energy to be strict doesn’t it? Ahh… Preparation is for another blog. So I fought the urge to do something super easy, cheesy and inflammatory- this is how I got through making a healthy IC diet approved meal on a bad day.

Firstly I decided to make a quick Dahl. Went to the fridge and got out the veg that caught my eye- pumpkin, celery, garlic and broccoli were thrown onto the bench. My man came in and saved the battered veg. He chopped them up lovingly as I gazed through my grumpy eyes searching for the red lentils.

He then walked away because I was cranky pants grumbling so I chucked his wonderfully chopped veg and the seeds into the pot to sauté in coconut oil. How boring I said, look at our boring dinner.

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The steam smelled sad. But then fragrant. Is that what started to change the chemicals in my brain?

After rinsing the impurities or starch off the lentils I threw them in with the low sodium/no crap in it vegetable stock (Maggie beer from the supermarket is great when you don’t want to make your own) while reminiscing the coffee I once enjoyed daily which now is a fuel for the fire in my pelvis. That percolator just sits there some days with nothing to do. You see, when one person suffers from endo, everyone around them does too. Our poor lonely appliances…

I try to remind myself that sometimes we need to grieve the way things used to be, but also see that there is always a light.. that shines.. somewhere?…. At least I’m not bed ridden today. This diet isn’t forever. um. Etc. (Obviously I need help on this today)

The man walks back in perfect timing as usual, gives me puppy eyes and cups his hand over my shoulder. We cuddle by the warm stove.  

I’m feeling a bit more present and sentimental towards the ingredients now. After placing the broccoli and cream in carefully I add some dried mint, a great cooling herb, give it a stir. With the lid on it simmers until all cooked, about 20 minutes. The coconut creams up the dahl nicely. This was making to be a pretty quick meal which also will freeze well for future easy meals.

*ic diet tip!

– turmeric is an antiinflammatory root/spice, but it can cause irritation for ic sufferers, so if you have tested it, grate up a fresh piece of turmeric, throw it in at the sauté part with some pepper to enhance the benfits! Or dried is good too if you are tired.

I like to make sure to have something super easy on hand for these unexpected days as I work and play with this disease. But, sometimes we’re not prepared. It just doesn’t happen. So, the Dahl was made. The extra beans from yesterday conquered it with a dump of roughly chopped coriander for my FULL ON coriander cravings. Coriander will help move toxins out of the body so if your taking lots of meds, just eat it.  Plus some super crunchy and large papadums that my dude made for dipping. He’s so good. What would I do without him and his puppy eyes? If you don’t have a dude or a dudette or a puppy that likes to help- well don’t give up, there is love for everyone. Also a microwave or pre. Chopped veg from the shops is a good helper with no feelings to unintentionally hurt during flare ups.

** Additions on the try list for IC sufferers would be a dollop of natural yogurt and a drool .. I mean a pool of mango chutney.

** Other additions for IC sufferers would be boring rice and another sad mad fit. But really, try to enjoy each ingredient – natural stock is a lifesaver for my flavour lovin tongue buds. And those papadums packed a happy crunch.  Be creative on good days and try to be kind on those.. other  days!

Love, Rosie 😉

Recipe for 2 below.


1litre vegetable stock (low sodium, nothing artificial)

250ml coconut cream

1-2 tbs coconut oil

1 c dry red lentils

1c cubed pumpkin

2 stalks celery, sliced

1 c broccoli chopped smallish

2 cloves garlic, sliced

1-2 tsp fennel seeds

½ tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp dried mint or fresh equivalent

Papadums of your choice*

A load of fresh coriander chopped for garnish


You have to read my whole sad story for the method. *evil laugh*

Sauté pumpkin, garlic, celery and seeds

Stir in lentils and stock, cook with lid askew for 7min

Add cream, broccoli, and mint, cook again until lentils are soft, about 15 min.

Meanwhile prepare garnishes and papadums.

Serve up.

*Visit your Indian grocer for a nice variety of papadums and change it up.