Bon Iver – 22, A Million


Bon Iver have released their latest album 22, A Million via listening parties in places all over the world. Well at least that’s what I think they are doing today via their Instagram account?


Then This Happened.

(Note: The album was played on a tape player surrounded by people who can barley hear and Bon Iver news papers handed out with no care for the environment)

Little did they know we’ve been listening away for the last month, or did they know? Has the world kept so quiet that the band managed to not realise and have it secretly slip under the radar while we all quietly listened away? Is Justin Vernon apart of the Illuminati? Does the Illuminati exist? So many unanswered questions.

But the album has been leaked for about a month now. Oh Well.. Let’s move on to the music anyway.

Firstly I feel this is a new direction for Bon Iver with more electronic elements. Are they The Killers? Only time will tell. This album has been conspired within conspiracy theories! where is the band? What have they done with them? Spending time with Kanye West will do this to music. Is it bad though? I’d have to go with no. Is it different in some tracks? Absolutely. Does the sounds of Bon Iver and the amazing harmony we know them for come through? Fucking absolutely! #Stanfford APTS is a perfect example of this bringing us the beauty that Bon Iver are known for and do best.

It should also be mentioned the track names are absolutely nuts but hey let’s go with something new with our direction?

Electronic elements come through strongly through tracks like  10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄ Then there is the auto tuned ballad of  715 – CRΣΣKS. Which is exactly as it is described an Auto Tuned Ballad. Not bad if you feel the need to enjoy some auto tune in your life. But a but hit and miss also.

Bon Iver have taken their sound added a few more elements and created this album. It’s nice and cruisy I like the feel of the songs.

While we are asking questions and conspiracy theories though. Is there a Magic rule of three that someone has not mentioned to me about yet?? As Danny Browns album had three singles released before his new album dropped maybe that’s the new thing?  I like it though. To have sample tracks and enjoy parts of a album before it comes out is actually quite nice. With the stand out this time around being 22 (OVER S∞∞N) Which was a tease of the new elements and less plucking of strings.

I’m liking it.



Danny Brown Atrocity Exhibition


The new Danny Brown album has been released today three days early. After hearing this it makes me think of Danny browns earlier releases. His gone back to his old sound making me instantly dismiss Old with it’s over hyped tracks which I felt it missed the flow of albums like XXX. Honestly I was ready for Danny brown to lose that flow and attain a more pop and polished sound. But to mine and I hope many fans delight he has brought back that XXX flow to this album.

The three singles which had come out before hand When it rain, with it’s amped up hyped sound that Danny brown is known for. Then Peumonia which brought more of a flow which was leaning more towards OLD with it’s clangy samples. But I mean shit it all works. But then dropping Really Doe. I was excited and ready for Atrocity Exhibition.
Listening through the whole album does bring me back to the flow of XXX I love. All the tracks do work together and the album as a full has a great flow. The odd beats is what brings me back to Danny brown quite literally everyday.  I’ve found myself coming back to the latest release before this album dropped Really Doe bringing in the Kendrick Lamar Chorus. Damn Fresh as fuck. His working with the right people making the right album.

The odd beats keep on coming on tracks like Ain’t it fun. Damn so thick and so just Danny Brown perfection I was worried he was slowly losing but has come back to smash me in the face. Quite gladly to be smashed in the face like this though ain’t funny how it happens?

The spitting rhymes of Today then slowing it the fuck down with Get Hi. This is perfection for a stoner weirdo rapper album.

All in all an album which was hyped in my mind and has come to actually not let me down like most things do when you hype them up… Like every transformers movie that wasn’t a cartoon.

But shit another great release not absolutely filled with guests either. Just the right amount.

Listen to it in full below you fool!