Roya Naldi Interview

Interview with with Roya Naldi from Chicago about her album release. Music that inspires her and where she plays around Chicago.

I had the pleasure of talking with Roya Naldi from Chicago about her album release. Music that inspires her and where she plays around Chicago.

She has a unique style that is reminiscent of the sounds of the ’20s and ’30s and does so with an amazing voice at that too.

If you like what you heard you can check out more of her music from the album A Night in June.

I hope we can all go back to seeing live music and performing soon.


The best trail mix

I love our trips to the local whole foods shop. Especially when it’s time to make a trail mix. This one was created by choosing what they had in store, for an easy shop and chop snack. Yep that is a thing, the shop and chop.

According to my dude, this is the best trail mix ever. I almost have to keep tabs on how much he’s eating so poor me dont miss out! We whip it up about once a month now on our rotation of snack attacks.

We need dietary diversity to nourish the body and its senses. The multitudes of nutrients and flavours give us life in many ways. It really is incredible when you think about the chemistry between us humans and what we eat.

So, let yourself indulge in these ingredients. .

Firstly I’m going to start with the star, the carob coated banana is the best bit. Carob is sweet and doesn’t need sugar, though most brands add it anyway. It’s a great alternative to chocolate and caffeine free!… for those who dig that kind of thing? I’ll stick to eating the carob as well as the chocolate thank you.

The dried banana tastes slightly caramelised and is a magnificent match with carob. It’s like the treat part of the mix that always bloody disappears first. We chop these into 1 CM pieces.

Pumpkin seeds or pepitas, these big green ones are grown in Australia and pesticide free. I notice a big difference in flavour from the supermarket ones.

Organic Mixed raw nuts simple as that. Packed full of goodies they are. Magnesium, protein, folate, good fats, brain food. Keep you full. Don’t eat too many , an overdose may induce a food coma. *lifts one eyebrow* Seriously.

And lastly the second star to the show is the dried pear. Decadent, soft, sweet and juicy. Just so delicious.

This healthy treat just gets me through the day. Especially when my body and brain are working hard. Find the recipe below!

I’d love to hear from you, what are your easy go-to snack attacks?

Love, Rosie


1 c Carob coated banana cut into 1 cm slices

1/2 c pumpkin seeds

2-3 c mixed raw nuts

3/4 c dried pear cut into 1 CM chunks


Throw it all into a huge bowl

Mix with spoon or hands.

Store in airtight container or jar.

The dahl that was made

** Easy style IC diet friendly recipe below

It all started in the early afternoon. I was getting through a full day and finally home to study away on my laptop. I was putting my all into it, you see when I have a vision I do my all to create it, that’s who I am.  And if you have endo or know someone who does -you will know that there is only so much one can do in a day before fatigue, or extreme pain or the multitudes of crappy symptoms come kicking down your positivity door and don’t stop there ….   

Well I’m just getting accustomed to the IC diet. And honestly when I’m super strict I feel a bit bloody better. But it takes more energy to be strict doesn’t it? Ahh… Preparation is for another blog. So I fought the urge to do something super easy, cheesy and inflammatory- this is how I got through making a healthy IC diet approved meal on a bad day.

Firstly I decided to make a quick Dahl. Went to the fridge and got out the veg that caught my eye- pumpkin, celery, garlic and broccoli were thrown onto the bench. My man came in and saved the battered veg. He chopped them up lovingly as I gazed through my grumpy eyes searching for the red lentils.

He then walked away because I was cranky pants grumbling so I chucked his wonderfully chopped veg and the seeds into the pot to sauté in coconut oil. How boring I said, look at our boring dinner.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

The steam smelled sad. But then fragrant. Is that what started to change the chemicals in my brain?

After rinsing the impurities or starch off the lentils I threw them in with the low sodium/no crap in it vegetable stock (Maggie beer from the supermarket is great when you don’t want to make your own) while reminiscing the coffee I once enjoyed daily which now is a fuel for the fire in my pelvis. That percolator just sits there some days with nothing to do. You see, when one person suffers from endo, everyone around them does too. Our poor lonely appliances…

I try to remind myself that sometimes we need to grieve the way things used to be, but also see that there is always a light.. that shines.. somewhere?…. At least I’m not bed ridden today. This diet isn’t forever. um. Etc. (Obviously I need help on this today)

The man walks back in perfect timing as usual, gives me puppy eyes and cups his hand over my shoulder. We cuddle by the warm stove.  

I’m feeling a bit more present and sentimental towards the ingredients now. After placing the broccoli and cream in carefully I add some dried mint, a great cooling herb, give it a stir. With the lid on it simmers until all cooked, about 20 minutes. The coconut creams up the dahl nicely. This was making to be a pretty quick meal which also will freeze well for future easy meals.

*ic diet tip!

– turmeric is an antiinflammatory root/spice, but it can cause irritation for ic sufferers, so if you have tested it, grate up a fresh piece of turmeric, throw it in at the sauté part with some pepper to enhance the benfits! Or dried is good too if you are tired.

I like to make sure to have something super easy on hand for these unexpected days as I work and play with this disease. But, sometimes we’re not prepared. It just doesn’t happen. So, the Dahl was made. The extra beans from yesterday conquered it with a dump of roughly chopped coriander for my FULL ON coriander cravings. Coriander will help move toxins out of the body so if your taking lots of meds, just eat it.  Plus some super crunchy and large papadums that my dude made for dipping. He’s so good. What would I do without him and his puppy eyes? If you don’t have a dude or a dudette or a puppy that likes to help- well don’t give up, there is love for everyone. Also a microwave or pre. Chopped veg from the shops is a good helper with no feelings to unintentionally hurt during flare ups.

** Additions on the try list for IC sufferers would be a dollop of natural yogurt and a drool .. I mean a pool of mango chutney.

** Other additions for IC sufferers would be boring rice and another sad mad fit. But really, try to enjoy each ingredient – natural stock is a lifesaver for my flavour lovin tongue buds. And those papadums packed a happy crunch.  Be creative on good days and try to be kind on those.. other  days!

Love, Rosie 😉

Recipe for 2 below.


1litre vegetable stock (low sodium, nothing artificial)

250ml coconut cream

1-2 tbs coconut oil

1 c dry red lentils

1c cubed pumpkin

2 stalks celery, sliced

1 c broccoli chopped smallish

2 cloves garlic, sliced

1-2 tsp fennel seeds

½ tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp dried mint or fresh equivalent

Papadums of your choice*

A load of fresh coriander chopped for garnish


You have to read my whole sad story for the method. *evil laugh*

Sauté pumpkin, garlic, celery and seeds

Stir in lentils and stock, cook with lid askew for 7min

Add cream, broccoli, and mint, cook again until lentils are soft, about 15 min.

Meanwhile prepare garnishes and papadums.

Serve up.

*Visit your Indian grocer for a nice variety of papadums and change it up.

The hills of bread

I used a sourdough buns recipe from  for this creation. The topping and shaping recipe is below.

There is something about the shapes of food that really does it for me. Particularly bread. Looking at the bread from different angles instantly swept me away to the hills out in the Otways where I grew up. The layered and swirled curves speckled with herbs resemble the wonderful and windy Great Ocean Road. An abstract landscape.

And well, trips down that road with my family or friends would usually result in eating some kind of scrummy comfort food at some point along the journey

Gorgeous pic by @alexkolca on instagram


So.   I am honoured to introduce to you the most melt in your mouth, soft and hilly , and moreish bread. The type for special occasions or picnics with your friends or lover. The type that sits in the center of a finely set dinner table where you each take turns in ripping and breaking it to shreds. The bread endures a lovely, somewhat torturous and slow death over the two or three course meal, and then some.

You sit there salivating almost like a wild animal, smearing butter all over the steaming hot piece before you that is already filled with butter and cheese, giving birth to those sensuous hills and curves around your hips. Are you not yet licking your lips? *Wink* So why not make one or two more? This is that kind of bread.

I hope that you will want to share it with your loved ones, too. And during these Covid times with those closest to you.

What other types of food do you love that are great for sharing or remind you of places?

Lots of love,

Rosie 😉



2 tbs butter, melted

2 tsp dried oregano

½ tsp dried dill

2 tsp dried parsley

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1 C finely grated tasty cheese


Instead of making buns, I made a twist/swirl. This is done by rolling the dough into a large rectangle, brush the butter on and throw on the topping.

Roll into a long sausage, closing off each end.

Slice two inches from the top, all the way to the end.

Place one piece over the other consecutively until it is twisted to the bottom.

Curl up one end at a time, in opposite directions and shift to your liking.

Brush more melted butter over the top before baking for 30 minutes at 180°.

Views: From the cliffs to the beach

Cliffs of 13th Beach

Over the last few years while I go out and get waves. I’ve managed to come across some amazing views and managed to take some amazing photos.

I love seeing the ocean. Ocean spray. Views from the cliffs and it inspires me to get out in the ocean not just for the feeling of catching a wave. But also sitting in nature. Theres nothing better than looking down from the cliffs to see the ocean waves coming in or even just a nice day with a nice view. Then to sit out in the surf and have that view reflected back at you. Is always bliss.

Steps of Bells Beach

Every session every wave is different you never come across the same situation twice. During the same session, Week and season. It’s always changing and always different shapes, waves size and current. The waves are always changing and flowing through to the shore differently. Even if it’s just slightly sometimes.

Jan Juc from the shore

Cliffs,Reefs,Sandy shores and sand bottom waves all just in the area I live. Waves that come in to cliff faces run into bays and break on points. All happen. You can find them by yourself or with a crowd. If you go further and go places where you haven’t before away from people where there is solitude you can find bliss.

I will always head towards the beach and while my body still works I will always go out and get waves.

Going for a walk along the beach feeling the sand. Seeing the waves, The views, The senses always feel fresh. Just being around the water.

Early Morning

The love of the beach is freedom it’s excitement it’s changes. It’s never knowing what to expect when you go no matter where you go and how you look at it. It can always surprise you. Then when it’s good. It’s good. When it’s average. It’s usually good. When it’s bad. It’s just average. Even if it’s just to get wet go for a swim or just a walk along the beach. It’s always a fresh feeling for the senses.

No matter how often or how many times you go. When you go. Where you go. The feeling is always there.

Philip Island

Photos by me (Alex Kolcakovski)

Shitkid Interview

I haven’t done a international interview for quite some time now. So thought it was about time I contacted a band I’ve been really enjoying for the last year or so and wanted to know more about what they’ve been up to.

I contacted the band Shitkid who are currently Åsa Söderqvist and Lina Ericsson two people who work well together to create and play some amazing music. I was worried about this interview and sat on it for a day or so because I thought it was a horrible interview. (Turns out I was totally overthinking it and the interview sounds fine) But in my head I was a bit worried.  Åsa and Lina were great to interview they are very nice and kinda. I managed to find out a few things which I never knew.

Shitkid Lovina Isaksson.jpg
Photo by Lovina Isaksson

Things I found out:

Their SXSW show which is on YouTube that they played last year was one of the worst shows they’ve ever done. Which is crazy because if you look them up on YouTube that’s pretty much one of the first things that pops up.

They have toured excessively with the Melvins and are now good friends with them and the guitarist of the Butthole Surfers. (Even if they are like 50 years old) Still both great and iconic bands to be touring with and being friends with it’s totally amazing!

Shitkid plan on releasing two albums this year. The first one Detention then a second one later this year. They then plan on releasing EPs doing different genres  and experimenting with their sound all while touring.

Also, that they were great people to talk to!

Check out their latest songs and grab the LP when it comes out via bandcamp here.

Give the album fish a listen. I first heard this album a year or so ago and been into the band ever since.





Well, I was thoroughly excited to see the fact that Kanye Airport West. Who mind you I’d never heard about (which made sense as they don’t exist) turned out to actually be the band fronted by Tism frontman Damian Cowell. While also being joined by Australian Comedian Tony Martain. My mind was blown.


I was just at first expecting Damian Cowell to be playing on stage which I mean was a treat in its self but then to also be joined by Tony. This was something on a night when I’d been to work and also lacking sleep after doing the graveyard shift on Triple R the night before. I thought I was either completely delirious or this was literally happening.

To my delight, I wasn’t hallucinating or completely losing it (A Relief). The band themselves put on a great set. Including everything from choreographed moves from the backup singers, Damian and Tony. To Damian Cowell just sometimes posing during backing vocal sections.  It was a treat for the ears as much as the eyes.

I laughed and also enjoyed the TISM disco medley as someone who’s never seen tism live it was cool to see Whatareya done live. As I mean if you were to see Tism live it wouldn’t really matter who else was in the band. They all had masks on anyway. As there was speculation as to who was in the band when they were touring in the 90s. Which has changed now and it’s known who the members were but I really feel that they can still play these songs as long as the frontman remains the same.

There was life, there was entertainment, there were laughs, I was thoroughly delighted to see them play through their songs so sharply and sound so tight. It all worked.


If you were to catch them I’d say go for it! As the main reason for the slot was to mention that they are playing ANZAC day eve at the Northcote social club. I’d be happy to catch them live again.

They also played a bunch of new songs to which were unfamiliar to the audience and to me. But with every word being thrown on the screen behind it was great to follow along and have a great laugh while doing so. For someone in a delirious state an absolute treat to be given especially when I was so unsure about going out that night due to my lack of brain activity and rest.

It Should be mentioned the sound at The Curtain is sensational and such an iconic Melbourne venue which I’ve maybe been to once or twice in my life I will frequent more I’m sure.

Great night with an unexpected sight of a band who I did not expect to see live I never thought I’d hear a TISM song live being sung by their lead singer. An unexpected surprise act which made my night.

You can catch DAMIAN COWELL’S DISCO MACHINE at the Northcote Social club on the 24th of April.

Scoobie: A rapper from Illawarra on the way to big things


The other day I hooked up a interview with rapper Scoobie. Who I had come across through friends who sent me some links to his music. As a avid fan of rap and especially rap with a gangsta vibe I was interested and had to find out more.

So. I organized the interview and went to meet him at his pad where I got to find out more about him and his latest EP. Which I listened to in full on the way up on the train and it’s a decent release at that. Which I might add is now downloaded onto my phone and added to the ever-growing collection of great new, local and Australian releases.

I got a real Schoolboy Q vibe from the EP you can judge for yourself as you give it a listen.

He’s in the wings waiting for a chance to be something big and on his way to a solid fan base.

With hard work and dedication, this rapper will go a mile and a half.

Scoobie has an amazing view of the city from his pad where he can sit and dream of being so close to the success while looking over the CBD of Melbourne.

Check out his latest EP Drunk Broke and Almost Famous.

PBS Summer Interview Series

So it’s summer… The time to get hit by heat and melt! It’s also so a time when I have the opportunity to do 6 weeks of shows on PBS here in Melbourne. The show Burning Bitumen was the one I was filling in for. One I have many times before over the years. But a big stint was great as I was able to compile a ton of interviews over this time.

Late night radio has been a staple of my life for 10 years now. I get that Metal shows can’t always happen during the day (maybe one day they can and will) I also think they should. But until then late night radio is where it all lies. But I don’t mind being up at this time as long as I’ve got a decent radio show put together ready to present.

This includes collecting interviews. One of my favourite things to do on radio. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy putting together a playlist to… But truly love to meet new and upcoming artists. Also established ones and just have a chat. It’s the best part of radio meeting artists who you listen to over and over again and get to know a bit more about them and hang out for a bit.

The first band member which I interviewed over the Summer was Ezekiel Ox of Mammal and currently Superheist. It was great to meet an artist who is so political and also can have a bit of fun. I thought I’d be late to this interview. Which in my mind means if I’m not half an hour early there’s something wrong! But managed to make it right on time and get a couple cheeky photos of us holding Christmas presents at the PBS studio. As it was just before Christmas and just before Mammals Christmas shows.

Interview one down now a few more to go! I was in the process of booking other artists to interview and brainstorming with ideas when I remembered Joe played in the heavy band All of the dirt all at Once. So I got in contact with the chap.

We organized to meet at a questionable location. While there we realised the majority of the place is under construction. Which to joes amusement thought would add an “industrial feel to his industrial band” I was more worried about sound issues. But we found somewhere quiet to have a chat and I got the interview sorted for my summer fill on Burning bitumen.

Now I had a decent week of booking artist’s for the next few shows I was in the process of trying to track down a Thy art is murder interview while also contacting a few artists who were playing at UNIFY the gathering in a few weeks time. I managed to get a hold of both Dregg and Polaris.

First up as they are locals to the city of Melbourne were Dregg. Since it was easy to meet them in the CBD I did just that. To my surprise, they had also been interviewed for Triple J Unearthed. So it was cool to be catching up with a band so fresh and with a bit of a traction. They were Chris and Jordan. Two cool dudes who had a lot to say about their music and the current heavy music scene.

It is great to meet a band who knows what they were doing and where they want to go. Also very sure about what they wanted people to know about them. They are sure of themselves. Also, have a great message that they want to get out. Which was that we all need to meet and talk about all the issues at the moment instead of sitting divided. In such a political climate of being polarised which seems to be sitting not just in Australia but a world issue. A truly inspiring interview with a fresh band at the beginning of their journey.

Polaris was next up for an interview. Who mind you were gearing up for shows with the all mighty Parkway Drive. So getting them in the studio was great. We meet in the morning at the PBS studios.

This time being relaxed and on time gave me time to get prepared for this interview. Members Jamie and Ryan were great to talk to. We also got to talk about their upcoming shows at UNIFY the gathering and their recent and first European tour.

Then last but not least. I finally was able to get an interview with Andy from Thy art is murder a band who I’ve always been into and are getting ready to play shows in Australia at the biggest venues they’ve ever played in the country.

The only issue was the time difference as Andy has been all around the world and wasn’t sure of the time of the interview as he was in Brisbane at the time. Still, this wasn’t much of an issue and I was able to grab a hold of him to chat for a bit about being in a now global metal band.

We also talked about playing shows and going around the world, their prefered lifestyle. So it was cool to see how a band can change from being just a band from Australia to being recognised around the world. A feat that all bands want to achieve. Which they are in fact achieving.

So all in all. That was the summer of interviews for the show Burning Bitumen on PBS. I had a blast doing these interviews. So I hope more to come in the future.

Summer heats up Melbourne and brings the city to life. Also brings all these bands to the city to play shows. This is one of my favourite things about Melbourne. It’s insanely diverse music scene. Metal is a genre that will never quit and I can’t wait to see what I do or who I chat to next.

Looking forward to it all.

Check out the shows in full below.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Saturday 27 January 2018

Dregg Interview

Today I went to the city and caught up with a band who had just gotten back from the ABC studios do an interview with me this afternoon a great pleasure it was.

I caught up with Chris and Jordan of Dregg. We chatted about live shows, Their latest EP, where their music is coming from and where it lies in the world of Metal.

Chris and Jordan Chilling out the front of the State Library.

It was great talking to these guys. They really are coming from a raw and pure place. Not to mention their on point with all the issues that are currently going on and able to be a voice for the people. Dregg are well on their way to doing some huge things this year so keep a lookout for them.

Their show at the Workers club with a killer lineup is FREE and on the 19th of January.

Also, Listen to their song General Butt Naked and the whole damned EP below.